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Top Benefits of Soil Aeration

Soil is one of the important components in the abiotic environment of which it supports lives on earth. Taking good care of soils is saving future generations as they are dependent on soil for various reasons. Leaching soil nutrient is one of the things that causes the soil to lose its fertility. Hence, one needs to examine the soil profile so as he or she can understand the state of soil fertility. The soil profile is a major management tool, where it contains five master horizons and each horizon has its characteristics. According to expert’s soil aeration is a valuable and important way to boost the health of the soil so as it can support plant growth by enhancing root development. You need to have a good soil aerator from a reputable source for a clean job. In case you doubt if soil aeration of the essence or no, keep reading since this article discusses the top benefits of soil aeration.

Soil aeration prevents soil compaction. In most cases, soil compaction can be a result of foot traffic by biotic factors such as animals and humans or extended dry periods. This will result in loss of oxygen and water supply to the soil and hence most plants and microorganisms will be affected. Soil aeration, therefore, ensure the plants grow stronger by enhancing the permeability of the soil to allow the exchange of water and gases. The symbiotic relationship between the bacteria and plants will also be improved with soil aeration, hence it is important to consider it.

Soil aeration prevents diseases. Soil disease can be of a great disadvantage since the same pathogens can attack the plants. Therefore, ensure your soil is less susceptible to diseases and aerating it is one of the key measures. The cost of treating soil or plants can be expensive especially when hiring professionals for the task. Such costs can be saved or channeled to other essential activities if you consider soil aeration as a prime factor in soil management. Also, soil aeration prevents thatch buildup. Thatch is composed of firmly intermingled layers of leaves, plant stems, and the plant roots which they accumulate between the flora and the roots. The buildup increases susceptibility to infections and most of the time the plants’ tolerance to heat or cold stress will be impaired. Hence, solve the problem by implementing the soil aeration technique.

Soil aeration enhances the growth of young plants and seed germination. It is the only way one can rejuvenate his or her old lawn. This is because when the soil is compacted most of these young plants and seeds will fail to grow and thus losing the appearance of the lawn in case the old plants die. In the case of rhizomes, new sprouts can only emerge if the soil characteristics are not affected. Since rhizomes grow under the soil the soil should be able to support that. Therefore, by practicing the soil aeration technique, your soil will maintain its fertility from year to year and enjoy the above-mentioned benefits.

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