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Things to Know Before Owning a Tiger

A tiger can be defined as the largest cat in the cat species. It is well known for its dark vertical stripes that are found on orange fur. A tiger also has a lighter underside it’s a predator that preys on mammals such as deer, warthogs, and antelopes among others. Apart from the tiger being a wild animal, it can as well be tamed as a pet. Tigers are given many acres so that they can roam inside. This is the reason why they are found in the wild and before they get their prey, they have to travel for long. Therefore, when you decide to restrict a tiger in a small area will cause the tiger to be stressed and also have some anxiety issues. It can also bring a dangerous change to its health. It is therefore important that when you decide to keep the animal, that you first have the space to keep it. This is how the animal will feel free, protected, and safe. Before you decide to tame this cat, there are several things that you should have in mind to ensure that you get the best of it.

One, you must first know about the rules of the land that gives you the mandate to own such a cat. Therefore, consult with a lawyer before you adopt the animal. This will protect you from facing the law when the authorities come calling. Once you know about the regulations, you must then look for what the animal will be eating. You cannot adopt an animal and starve it to death. You must recognize what it eats most and if it is not present, look for a replacement for the same. A tiger will require a large amount of protein for it to be sustained because the animal is a carnivore. A tiger will eat over eighty pounds of meat at a go. This kind of food can be expensive to bear every day and on the other hand, it can also be difficult to store the meat for the tiger to eat in the future. Therefore, ensure that you check in with your finances before taming the animal. Once you have adopted a tiger, it will need to eat a steady meal or ground beef. This however will not be enough and therefore, you will be required to add other enriching items that will boost its health. You can add supplemental knucklebones that the tiger chews to have healthy bones. On occasions, you can also release animals like rabbits in their space so that they can assume hunting. It encourages their natural predatory behaviors.

Apart from feeding and giving a tiger a healthy home, it is also very important that you consider giving the tiger overall care. This is by taking care of his or her medical requirements and behavior. Their medical requirements may also exceed the local veterinarian and hence you should specifically look for an individual who can cater for it. A visit to a veterinary can be costly compared to other animals and you must also prepare financially for the same.

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