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Digitization has ensured that everything is possible even what seems to be impossible. The world has shrunken due to advancement in communication technology. Everything has been facilitated due to this advancement. This advancement has improved and shaped on how companies share information about their products through various channels. This has also led the distortion of information through various platforms and it finally ends up in a hole completely different from how it all was released or started.
As time progresses there is exchange of information amongst the various departments of organizations.

The information keeps moving to various channels of communication. more companies are opting to have an Omni channel but retail customer care where they can use PMI to integrate their information and ensure it does not get misinterpreted. There should be platforms to share information without my delay such as now.
It is no longer debatable that there is need to have clear communication channels with the available challenge of drawing attention from all other departments. As the behavior of consumers change, their accommodation and dynamism is looming. With the release of new products to the market every day, PMI is necessary to ensure that correct information is shared amongst the public The purpose of the Omni-channel is to create a uniform and integrated experience regardless where they are. Information has been put together without alteration In this manner consistency of information is being achieved since information is going to be centralized and the various departments are going to receive the same product information no matter where they are. In the past, information was received and given out as sales agents understood unlike now every device is going to access a platform where information is kept that is accessible to all. Many businesses are embracing this technique where information is centrally place in a data base facilitating information coming from all sources. In this manner, truthful

Information has been accurately shared with Omni-channel communication This is important because companies utilize the opinions of their customers to optimize the consistency of the customers. The goodness about this technique is that every device used for communication has a strength utilized to pass information and cover for the other’s weakness.
Before inception of the Omni-channel process, proper infrastructure is erected to support the process. Everyone has to be knowledgeable about the whole process in order to support it work. There is still need to be on trial in order to have many more people coming on board in order we can have a comprehensive strategy.
Our target is to have an integrated communication strategy that is meant for long term communication that is seamless.
For any new plan in an organization to work, there must be combined effort by all department since the project cannot belong to an individual.

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